Common Faults of Horizontal Internal Broaching Machine Corresponding Solution Sharing

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Horizontal internal drawing machine is a common metal processing equipment, widely used in the manufacturing industry. It is a special Broaching machine with horizontal structure, suitable for processing inner hole and inner cavity. The worktable is placed horizontally, the workpiece is more stable during processing, reduces vibration and swing, and improves processing accuracy and surface quality.



In the process of using horizontal internal drawing machine, some failures are often encountered, which affect the production efficiency and product quality. The following will introduce some common faults and solutions.

1. Spindle failure: The spindle is its core component. If the spindle fails, it will directly affect the processing quality and efficiency. Common spindle faults include bearing damage and excessive bearing clearance. The solution is to check and replace the bearing regularly to ensure that the bearing is working properly, and adjust the bearing clearance as needed.

2. Transmission system failure: The transmission system is an important part. Common failures include loose transmission belts and wear of transmission gears. The solution is to regularly check the tension of the transmission belt, replace the worn transmission gear in time, and maintain the normal operation of the transmission system.

3, tool failure: tool is a key tool for metal processing, common failures include tool wear, tool loosening and so on. The solution is to regularly check the wear of the tool, replace the worn tool in time, and ensure that the tool is installed firmly.

4. Cooling system failure: Cooling is required during the processing to keep the temperature of the equipment and the workpiece stable. Common cooling system failures include coolant pump failure and excessive coolant temperature. The solution is to regularly check the working status of the coolant pump to ensure smooth circulation of the coolant and maintain the proper temperature of the coolant.

5. Control system failure: The control system is the key to realize automatic processing. Common failures include control panel failure, electrical component damage, etc. The solution is to regularly check the working status of the control system, replace the damaged electrical components in time, and keep the control panel clean and normal operation.

In short, the solutions to common failures of horizontal industrial puller include regular inspection and maintenance of key components of the equipment, timely replacement of worn and damaged parts, and maintenance of the normal operation of the equipment. In addition, operators should receive professional training and be familiar with the use methods and maintenance points of the equipment to improve the efficiency of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.