How to Deal with Sudden Failure of Lubrication System of Mechanical Baching Machine

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Mechanical drawing machine is a kind of equipment used for metal drawing. During use, some common faults may occur. The following are several possible faults and their analysis:

1. Lubrication system problems: Broaching machine needs good lubrication during operation. If the lubrication system is not normal, it may lead to increased friction of parts, decreased processing quality or even equipment damage. The solution is to check the lubrication system to ensure that the supply of lubricating oil is sufficient, clean the lubrication port and lubrication pipeline, and replace the lubricating oil if necessary.

2. Transmission system problems: The transmission system of the drawing machine includes the main shaft, gears, belts, etc. If the transmission system is loose, worn or broken, it may lead to unstable processing and increased noise. The solution is to check the fastening of the transmission parts, repair or replace the severely worn parts.

3. Control system failure: The control system of the drawing machine, such as the electronic control system, hydraulic system, etc., may fail to start normally, stop or control the processing parameters. The solution is to check the working status of electronic control components and hydraulic components, repair or replace the faulty parts.

4. Safety protection device failure: The pulling machine is usually equipped with safety protection devices, such as protective covers, emergency stop buttons, etc. If these devices cannot work normally, it may endanger the safety of the operator. The solution is to check the working status of the safety device and repair or replace the faulty parts.

5. Processing quality problems: If there are quality problems such as inaccurate size and rough surface during processing, it may be related to improper tool selection, unstable workpiece clamping or inaccurate equipment adjustment. The solution is to adjust the tool, fixture and equipment parameters according to the specific situation to ensure that the processing quality meets the requirements.

The above is some analysis of the common faults of mechanical pullers, but the specific fault solutions need to be diagnosed and processed according to the actual situation. When dealing with the fault, please follow the relevant safety regulations and seek the help of professional technicians when necessary.