Changsha Sisheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Changsha Sisheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in broaching machine research and development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. The company is inherited from Changsha Machine Tool Factory, one of the "Eighteen Luohan", and has a rich technical background. Three generations are engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of broaching machines. The broaching products designed by the company have been widely used in many well-known enterprises such as FAW, Dongfeng, BYD, ZF, China Aviation Development, Sany, XCMG, Shuanghuan, AUTOLIV, etc., and are exported to Russia, Romania, Mexico, Brazil and other countries.
Changsha Sisheng has a land area of 24000 ㎡, a production workshop area of 12000 ㎡, a research and development office building of 3000 ㎡, more than 80 sets of various production and testing equipment, and a manufacturing capacity of 200 sets/year for various types of general-purpose and special-purpose drawing machines.

State-level "specialized and special new" small giant enterprises

Hunan Enterprise Technology Center

Hunan manufacturing industry single champion-CNC pulling machine

National standard-setting unit for metal-cutting machine tools


Chairman's Speech

Dear friend, hello!


Welcome to the website of Changsha Sisheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., on behalf of all employees of the company, thank you for your attention and support!
Changsha Sisheng has always adhered to the concept of "inheriting Changsha Broaching and revitalizing the national brand". Under the guidance of party committees and governments at all levels, and with the care, support and help of all sectors of society, Changsha Sisheng is growing rapidly step by step in the subdivision field of Broaching.
As an industrial mother machine, it has its unique or irreplaceable strategic significance in the manufacturing field.
Changsha Sisheng has 108 employees. The company provides employees with unlimited learning and exercise space. While creating for themselves and their families, enterprises and society, they also enjoy the happiness and happiness of growing together with the enterprise!
The site is a window, a bridge, a platform. I hope to show you the image and every effort of Changsha Sisheng through this window; with this bridge, I will convey to you Changsha Sisheng's return and dedication to society; relying on this platform, gather governments at all levels and all sectors of society Support, the wisdom of the industry and the full input of Changsha Sisheng employees, share results and seek common development.
Brilliant, that is, memories; achievements, the beginning point. In the future, we will, as always, focus on product quality, do a good job in every product, and serve every customer. Thank you again for your attention and support!

Development Process


Establishment of Changsha Machine tool Plant.


The Ministry of Machinery Industry has set up "Changsha Research Institute of Planer" to be responsible for the standard formulation of planer.


Changsha Planing Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Taixiang) was established.


The company was renamed and reorganized as Changsha Sisheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and the company entered a new development process.


Changsha Sisheng developed the first 250KN CNC spiral pulper in China and won the title of Changsha Science and Technology Innovation Small Giant Enterprise.


Development of the first domestic set of simple-type pulling machine, enterprises to implement DingTalk OA information process management.


China CNC International Machine Tool Exhibition won the "Spring Swallow Award" and was recognized by Hunan Province's specialized and special new little giant to undertake the largest domestic 160KN tonnage pull bed project.


Development of the first domestic 400KN CNC high-precision double servo braching machine, new industrial land more than 20 acres to open a new braching industrialization base construction. Employed for the national metal cutting machine tool standardization development unit.


To undertake the successful delivery of 17 sets of trinity group, through the municipal enterprise technology center certification, through the national high-tech enterprise certification.


China Machine Tool Industry Association identified the national broaching machine production and sales first, won the manufacturing industry in Hunan Province (broaching machine) single champion.


ZF, a world-renowned enterprise, supplied brand-new CNC composite broaching machines, won the fourth batch of national specialized and special new small giant enterprises, and passed the accreditation of Hunan Enterprise Technology Center.


It passed the identification of Changsha Intelligent Broaching Technology Center.

Honor Qualification

Enterprise Culture

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

Inheritance of Changsha pulling bed

revitalize national brand

spirit of enterprise

Spirit Of Enterprise

Thought first


Enterprise Mission

Enterprise Mission

Customer first, struggle as the foundation

Quality-oriented, concerted and win-win

cultural concept

Cultural Concept

There are always more ways than difficulties.

If you call it, you will fight. If you fight, you will win.

The successful never give up, the quitter never succeed