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LSK5715 compound broaching machine (compatible with pre-heat and post-broaching)


Products Time:2023-04-23


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Product catalog

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New Arrivals

Detailed introduction

LSK5715 CNC high-speed hard broaching machine can be compatible with pre-heat broaching and post-heat broaching (HRC60-65). The post-heat broaching accuracy can reach 5 levels. the new structure design ensures that the force of the machine tool is more reasonable, and the new orientation mechanism and cutter mechanism design of the hot post-heat function can improve the processing tempo to less than 18 seconds to meet the hot post-processing of all kinds of batch parts.

Full protection design safety and environmental protection control components centralized maintenance platform equipped with multi-stage filtration system


Main technical parameters

Rated pulling force * rated stroke:

Broaching speed (stepless speed regulation)

Return speed of main skateboard (stepless speed regulation)

Tooth profile accuracy :grade 5

Broaching surface roughness


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