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CNC machinery internal broaching machine(upward)

Model:LJ57 Series

Products Time:2019-07-24


CNC machinery internal broaching machine(upward)

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Detailed introduction

    The CNC machinery internal broaching machine is mainly applied to machining of internal teeth, internal splines and holes of the products in auto parts, gear reducers, agricultural machinery, aviation, military industry and engineering machinery, etc. The CNC machinery internal broaching machine is characterized by high accuracy of machined dimensions, shapes and positions, high efficiency, convenient maintenance and low machining cost, and siemens or FANUC servo system adopted in the equipment facilitates realization of automatic machining of equipment and connected production.

   Main drive system of the broaching machine is driven by servo motor and screw, ballscrew is from German I+F brand, and other auxiliary actions are controlled pneumatically. The broaching machine works stably, and the cutting speed is stepless regulated. On Z-axis of broaching movement of the broaching machine encoder or grating ruler is used for terminal detection to achieve full-closed loop control, thus effectively guaranteeing running and machining accuracy of the broaching machine.

    Compared with traditional hydraulic broaching machines, this broaching machine saves the spatial size significantly.


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